Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prize !

Hey !! I have now made 49,999sd from sales ! I am giving a prize of 5 ss gifts to who ever buys the next thing, and makes me go over 50,000sd from sales !! GOOD luck !

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Scammer --> OrangeJelly

Hey i just got scammed my this scammer OrangeJelly ! I was going to buy her DKNY top for 110sd and i bought the Silly junk top for 60 and she never put on the top. I know its not much , but a scammer is a scammer, here is the proof !

(click to enlarge)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

OMG Stardoll Spoilers !! DKNY ???

OMG i found these spoilers ? it looks like OLD DKNY to me !! ??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scenery Finalists!! - Vote Now ! -------->

Hey congrats to everyone who entered the 200 and 400sd comps! Here are the finalists :P Click on the images to enlarge! and vote to the right! ------>

Finalists 1- Aquaticrare - Party Time !


Finalist 2 - 44Nicole44 - The Best Club Ever!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Finalists 3 - DonaldLucky - Photoshoot


Finalist 4 - xxTotallyCutexo - Owner & members


Finalist 5 - Brizzygirl - Club Awards


Finalist 6 - Verri1996 - Famous --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Finalist 7- xxPixiexxDustxx - Super Fashion


Finalist 8 - i_luv_raz_6 - Comp


Dont forget to vote ! Voting finishes the 1st of April! Good luck!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey !! Here is a banner i made for Zephoria ! :P hope you like it :P

Sunday, February 22, 2009

OMG win 600sd !! join club How_2_get_Rich !

Hey everyone !
Soo sorry it has taken me ages to write.. i have just been soo busy with school, work, and homework, ive hardly had any time to go on stardoll or post!
Any way im here to tell you about my new competiton!!
All the details are in my club : How_2_get_Rich
The club is for superstars but non superstars can enter the competitom as well!
Up for grabs is 400sd for one comp : invite members'
and 200sd: for the best senery !!
So join now for the deatils and a chance to win lots of stardollars !!
Good luck! love jessie :P ( ps mention my blog and you get extra chances to win!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finaly !! Thanks stardoll! The only help ill probably ever get ! LOL

After emailing stardoll 5 times, they FINALY emailed back ! i have used like 5 sms codes when trading clothes (when i have LESS than 365 days on my membership and it never extended my membership) ! Stardoll extended my membership!! Thanks Stardoll!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Latest hacker, who tried to tell me we should trade accounts.. Tiffany_Fashion

This girl trys to tell you that this account she has, has all the collectable clothes in it, like enchanted, the whole 1st season of DKNY etc, i didnt believe her lol so i decided to play along... i said ok then please add me on your "other" account send me a msg and go on chat and we can talk abotu the trade, her answer was... "its broken, i cant add people, and the chat wont work, and i cant load my messages ".. wat a joke lol, i then told her a big story about how i knew it wasnt her account and to leave me alone , and that i wasnt a stupid 8 year old hows falling for your stupid trick. Her reply was... " stuiped as you can go fuc your self with your mom its really my accvount you jealus th " as seen in the chat. Haha shame she its very obvious it isnt her account otherwise she wouldnt have said this.. watchout she also has her Guestbook closed.. hum i wonder what she is hiding? she has already hacked Hottie4fever.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finding.... scammers?


Watch out for jimmy.choo.xo she is the latest scammer on STARDOLL ! She has scammed two of my friends and is now even accusing me of scamming her! LOL when all i did was ask her about scamming the other people, at least i gave her a chance to explain, but all she said was that stardoll was a contest! Now read her starblog, she is calling me a scammer, i never said that she scammed me i was giving her a chance to explain to me about my friend !

Now read this, this is at the end of her presentation ...

However look at this.. she still has her MKA FUR !!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Here's my story... Well i joined stardoll on June the 16th 2008, and i didnt become superstar until mid July. It took me a few months before i learned which DKNY and which clothes were old and collectable.. im still learning ! I started selling Clothes that i bought cheap for more stardollars, and then i started selling Hot buys. Now.. 6 months down the track i have sold hundreds of clothes and made 35,300 sd from sales and have over 8, 200 stardoll dollars ! I have a small collection of old DKNY and old HB one MKA RC and a few other random collectable worth a few thousand SD in total. Oh yeah and i dont wanna brag.. but i have only ever spent $5 on a code.... i traded clothes for all my other memberships now i have over 9 months left! Wanna knw my secret ! ?? Well honestly is the best policy ! hehe NEVER lie it wont get you anywhere !! So if your new to stardoll.. start out myy buying any rares or Hot buys under 10sd.. and sell them for a few sd above what y0u paid for them.. when you have enough sd try to find some 1st season DKNY for under 80sd and auction them off hopefully making you profit :P Hints : always have stuff on sale before broadcasting aways try to put as much stuff on sale You will make more money by selling loads of stuff for 5sd more than u paid, than a few things for 20sd more Always be friendly , true friends will always help you out sometime :P I wanna thank these people, mrs_gomes , dramaqueen_hehe, fluffy-gloss. yipi30 These people i have traded with and they are 100 % safe :P yipi30, gibsonws, harvestshimmer, Hollywood-Mate, amanda1324, people107/8, queen-of-mean. , kendall303, zared, serebryana muggboots, x-fashion-iconx,, veri1996, sheashea1212, asyst , im_a_cool_chic , chick442 ,tarabro, even94, LIONELY, bipasha_rulz, and a special thanks to princessjs0n

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This stupid girl ( in the chat , meghoney777 ) gave me a fake password then accused me of stealing it ? She said "my password is ( wateva she said i cant rememeber) whats urs" I said im not giving her mine and i not her not to ask for passwords , then she said that --> in the chat box, and that i was a hacker and she is reporting me , man people are bored

Monday, January 12, 2009

Whats this? Olsen Twins Leather Jacket for sale??

Stardoll have done it again, they are now selling the collectable "Olsen Twins Leather Jacket" This will make collectors mad as they may have already paid a few hundred for the jacket earlier ! whats next? Old DKNY?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whats happened to all my starpoints ?? :(

Whats happened to all my starpoints ?? :(

Yes, why are people being soo rude on stardoll these days... :( its not of their business how i spend my money in real life AND on Stardoll!

Whats happening to Stardoll??

Whats this? now we can buy interior items in the plaza??

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Welcome to my blog ! This is the first ever blog i had made.. so it may not be great to start off with lol :P so im hoping it will get better hehe, anyway this will mostly be about me, and my stardoll! i am the user ....jessie..... (4dots jessie 5dots) i sorta collect DKNY but i always run out of money so i end up selling them lol, i also collect old HB :P I will post the safe traders and people who have scammed me ! I have a new account i am setting up and it will be up and running in January, you can read about this in my presentation. Thanks